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"Go Noisy" Specialised Tactical Training Solutions Ltd is a Veteran owned, UK Registered, Firearms Training Company, which was established in 2018 to provide Firearms Training "solutions" for kinetically complex situations..

We deliver  reality based, Firearms Training solutions, from training facilities in Bulgaria, Poland, UK, Guatemala and the USA.

We can also travel to wherever you are in the world and deliver our courses to you, closer to your home.

We give organisations and individuals the opportunity to conduct realistic, functional and challenging "role specific" training whilst providing operationally tested response "options" by offering specialised and bespoke training solutions that reflect and address the many challenges and environmental "unknowns" that can occasionally reveal themselves to you when you least expect it.

Through our unique ability to plan and conduct complex Stage 4 and 5 level, Firearms Training Exercises, as well as writing and running complex and challenging Hostile Environment Scenario-Based Training, we help you to build sustainable capacity, confidence, ability and that crucial muscle memory of combative tradecraft and mechanics in order to provide you with the skill set to respond more appropriately to unique situations.

Our range of training solutions can meet a variety of training requirements.

The unifying purpose of all of our training solutions is to give you or your organisation more effective response options, to kinetic situations and, by doing so, increase your ability to deal with them more effectively whilst minimising your risk.

Our appetite for Firearms Training, which we constantly try to install in others, is best captured by this quote by the 3rd President of the United States of America:


"..If you want something you've never had...you must be willing to do something you've never done..."

Thomas Jefferson


We do what we love.

We provide Firearms Training "solutions" for kinetically complex situations.

We provide realistic, functional and immersive Firearms training in order to provide you or your organisation with better response "options"

Through our unique training approach, we provide you with Options of Response; no two situations are the same and it is unrealistic to assume that a single response option, to an incalulable number of situations, is going to have the outcome you're hoping for.  

Our range of Training Solutions are based on, what we believe are, reality based Firearms and Tactics tradecraft and mechanics, unique to being in a firefight in urban environment.

Whether you are employed in any of the following roles: Hostile Environment (as part of an overt or covert Team)/Law Enforcement Officer/Covert Government Agency/Covert Government Agency Support Teams/Active Military or New Gun Owner, our range of Training Solutions can enhance your existing training, providing you with a more effective, flexible and adaptable range of response options.

Through our unique ability to plan and conduct Stage 4 and 5, Firearms Training, as well as writing and running complex and challenging Hostile Environment Scenario-Based Training, our range of training solutions can meet your training requirement.

Using our personal experience and the experience of our Instructors, we can craft a variety of challenging and realistic "Scenarios", using English, Arabic, Dari, Pashtu or Spanish speaking Role Player "characters" in order to provide you with realsitic and immersive training, specific to your operational role and/or requirements.

We also write, plan and deliver "Bespoke" Training Solutions for you, your organisations or your Team's Training requirements, which will be crafted according to your operational procedures.

We also provide Firearms "Education Programmes" for British/Foreign expats currently residing in Bulgaria.

Using realistic Case Study scenarios, utilising our own experience and our ability to supply Role Player "characters", we can, when requested, interrogate and stress-test, the integrity of your organisations Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) and Actions On. And, if requested, we can produce a comprehensive and honest written report of where improvements could be made.

This service is provided in the strictest of confidence with no risk of operational and/or procedural compromise.

Whether it be to improve or enhance your own "personal" skills in the pursuit of professional excellence or to assess your Teams or organisations current response options, then Go Noisy would be delighted to hear from you and collaborate with you on that.

Our training ethos can be best summed up in this inspirational quote from one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America:


"...Tell me and I will forget...teach me and I may remember...involve me and I will learn..."

Benjamin Franklin

Why we do it


Basically? We do it because we love doing it. We do it because there is a need for it.

There is a need to improve people's Firearms competency, ability, capability, accuracy and skill and to bring a little pride back into both the Hostile Environment Team and Firearms Training Industry in general.

Currently, Firearms training in the UK/Europe is, in most cases, woefully unrealistic and seemed to be designed solely on what looks "sexy" and, personally speaking, I've never been in a Firefight and felt "sexy"...but hey, that's just me.

We also wanted to change the narrative that being in a Firefight as part of a large Military Unit, is the same as being in a Firefight as part of a small Hostile Environment Team...NOTHING is the same...EVERYTHING is different and Firearms Training has GOT to reflect those differences.

We want to dispel the many myths of what constitutes "realistic" Firearms Training, call out the bullshit when we see it and provide realistic and functional Firearms Training. This approach has led to a number of prominent, US based, Firearms Training organisations, lending their support and it has also helped make us a trusted company from within the Hostile Environment Team community, who know that we don't conform to the norms of Firearms Training and that we hold THEIR Firearms Training requirements as our main priority .

Additionally, there are very few options for Hostile Environment deployed Individuals and Teams to conduct realistic Live Firing Training and be put through a variety of Live Firing Contact Drills. Fewer and fewer Private Security Companies (PSC's) are conducting their own, in-country, training due to either not having the facilities or because of associated costs and, as a result, many trained and qualified Hostile Environment deployed Individuals and Teams, rarely get the opportunity to enhance or practice procedures in a kinetically challenging environment or get to learn completely new skillsets that will help make them more rounded users of a weapon system.

Additionally, many PSC's seldom get the opportunity to test the integrity of their Standard Operating Procedures (SOP')s, Contact Drills and other Actions On, under realistic and Live Firing conditions, which is something we are extremely good at.

At Go Noisy, our aim, which we are extremely passionate about, is multi-functional:

  • To dispel the many myths surrounding what constitutes "realistic" Firearms Training.


  • To reinforce the need for Firearms Training that reflects the realities of being in a gunfight or a contact situation.


  • To provide "un-choreographed", functional and realistic Firearms Training that reflects YOUR operational requirements.


  • To put the pride back into being a Private Security Contractor or Hostile Environment CPO again. We want both Private Security Contractors and Close Protection Operatives to take pride in what they do again...to have a passion for what they do and, we feel, that the first step in trying to achieve that, is to offer them the opportunity to train under realistic conditions and in a Live Firing environment.


  • We want Close Protection Operatives and Private Security Contractors to learn new skills in order for them to be more professional, more competent and more confident in their chosen career paths and, ultimately, to provide better response options, that will ultimately keep them, their Clients and their Team members, safer from harm.  


  • We want Law Enforcement Officers to be better prepared and to have more dynamic and functional respone options, in order to protect themselves and their colleagues from an overwhelming and worryingly sharp rise in the increase in attacks on Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders.


  • We want to see new and experienced gun owners of legally held Firearms, be better prepared and better trained to deal with the alarming increase of incidents involving home invasions, street robbery or incidents of life threatening civil disturbance. We want them to safely and legally, protect themselves, their families and their loved ones from harm. We want them to have confidence in their weapon system and confidence in their own ability to use that weapon system, should they need to use it.


  • We want to "educate" non-firearms users on the benefits of learning how to shoot. It improves self-confidence, it enhances teamwork, it helps in concentration, it offers an opportunity to de-stress and it brings people together in a safe, enjoyable, fun and educational environment. 


  • To concentrate on Covert Team, Firearms and Tactics Tradecraft and Mechanics and get away from the more "Military" training methodology


Through our unique training approach philosophy, we are passionately committed to provide you with Firearms, Tactics and Hostile Scenario Training Solutions, wherever you are in the world.

It's why Go Noisy was started...it's why we exist and it's what we love doing for a living.


"...The beautiful thing about learning, is that no-one can take it away from you..."

B.B. King


Redefining the Term
Redefining the Term "Hostile Environment"

Operating in a Hostile Environment is bigger and broader than Iraq or Afghanistan and we need to change the idea that working in a Hostile Environment is the sole claimant of the CP/PSD Industry and that the term "Hostile Environment" can only be used in a CP/PSD context; that is simply not accurate.

Part 12 - Not Broken Just Damaged - A Walk Across America 2015
Part 12 - Not Broken Just Damaged - A Walk Across America 2015

I'll warn you all now, this article is going to be full of photographs. I've decided to post them all up because the people of Thomaston, CT deserve nothing less....you'll see what I mean as the story unfolds.

Part 11 - Not Broken Just Damaged - A Walk Across America 2015
Part 11 - Not Broken Just Damaged - A Walk Across America 2015

Folks, this is going to be the most emotional part of my story so far and, not that you'll see it, but believe me when I say that I will be periodically breaking down in tears, whilst writing this. Hopefully, I'll be able to somehow make that emotion float out of these words as you read them. I have beers, whisky and a full packet of cigarettes...so strap in.

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If you have any specific questions about the courses we deliver, then please do not hesitate to contact us directly on any of the e-mails addresses below. All "Go Noisy" merchandise enquiries should be directed to Tsarina. 

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We use training facilities in Poland, UK and the USA.

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