who we are




Call-sign “India” on an undercover operation in Northern Ireland.


The term “Go Noisy” comes from voice procedure used, whilst operating as an undercover British soldier, in some of the most non-permissive environments imaginable, where, to “…go noisy…” or “…India’s going noisy…” was the “heads-up” call, given over the net, alerting everyone to the initiation of, or the reaction to, a gun fight.

“…India’s going noisy Red 45…” coming over the net, immediately resulted in teams converging on that location, all for one reason – India’s gone noisy…India’s in the shit.

Go Noisy exists to provide you with next level, functional, realistic and “messy” tactical training solutions, in order to provide you with workable response options for kinetically complex situations.

We place a huge amount of emphasis on scenario-based training. Tactical firearms training is, on its’ own, not enough – it’s the scenario-based training that will illuminate those response “options” to you, and THAT is what makes our tactical training different.

We’re not going to teach you how to shoot – you should already know how to do that. We’re going to give you “options” of how to respond to being shot at or how to initiate a gunfight (two entirely different things), so that you have a better chance of surviving both.


We provide functional, immersive and realistic response “options”, for kinetically complex situations.

It is unrealistic to assume that a single response option, to an incalculable number of situations, is going to have the outcome you’re hoping it will.  

Our range of tactical training, tradecraft and mechanics, are reality based, have been operationally tested and are unique to the urban and home defense environments. 

They are also suitable for Direct Action (DA), Irregular Warfare (IW) and Executive Protection operations.

We have the ability and the experience, to not only plan and conduct complex, stage 4 and 5 (multiple shooter), range exercises, but also to develop realistic and challenging scenario-based training exercises, to suit your training requirements.


Neil on our 360 range in SW Florida.


Tsarina on the range


Too much emphasis is being placed on military-type tactics and we want to change the narrative that being in a firefight as part of a large, overt, military unit, is the same as being in a firefight as part of a small covert team or as a lone operator…NOTHING is the same…EVERYTHING is different, and tactical training has got to reflect those differences.

We want to dispel the many myths and reinforce the realities of what constitutes “realistic” tactical training. We aim to provide realistic, functional, workable and flexible tactical training – we vocally and vehemently  oppose rigidity of training concepts. 

We want to provide you, the end user, with response “options” that are going get you out of whatever “…what the f..k..” situation you’ve found yourself in, regardless of the reason “why” you’re in it – because at that point, the “why” doesn’t really matter; it’s the “how” you’re going to get out of it, that matters.

We want to improve the quality of training within the tactical firearms training community, and that starts with you guys taking more responsibility for your own training and demanding a higher standard of training provision for yourselves and from the masses of training providers out there, including us, who also need to be held to a higher standard.

We want to put the pride back into tactical firearms training. 

This is why we do what we do…