raisING awareness of ptsd within the american & british Veteran/Military communities.

In 2015, after 6 years as a contracted HUMINT Agent Handler, for the US DoD, on the FOBs and COPs of Zharai, Maiwand, Panjwai and Arghandab Districts of Southern Afghanistan, Neil embarked on a solo and unsupported Walk Across America, titled “Not Broken Just Damaged”. The aim of this journey was to raise awareness of PTSD amongst American and British soldiers/veterans and raise funds for PTSD charities. 
When he reached Pennsylvania, he suffered serious and incapacitating injuries, including cellulitis, the on-set of sepsis and a strangulated hernia and was admitted to hospital, in East Stroudsburg, PA, until he was able to return to the UK, for further surgery. 
Neil trained for a year, whilst on a FOB in Afghanistan and, on his return to Scotland, would take his stroller out for test runs, around Loch Rannoch. His sole motivation was the unacceptable numbers of soldiers and veterans, who were either taking their own lives, due to their battles with PTSD or had been made homeless, as a result of family breakdowns, due to PTSD.
His experiences during his walk, the sights he seen, the people he met and the random acts of kindness he received had such a life changing effect on him, that he is now planning to do the Walk again and God knows, even after 6 years, these soldiers and veterans still need our help, more than ever.
The gallery below is a very brief account of his journey, the people he met, who they were and how they all, in their own unique way, changed Neils’ life. The assistance he received from Local and State Law Enforcement Officers, right across the country still makes him cry, to this day and he has never really managed to accurately convey just how much these men and women mean to him.

In this gallery, we have tried to capture those moments for you; moments of random acts of kindness, the love…yup…pure love, he received from strangers, the friends he made and the challenges he faced of walking 35 miles a day, across America.

Neils’ intention was always to, somehow, write about this journey, in order to share these memories and highlight the good in people which, after 6 straight years in Afghanistan, was something he had grown to doubt and after fighting, living, eating, laughing and crying with US soldiers, for 6 long years, he was growing weary of the constant “America Bashing” and wanted to dispel that bullshit in true Go Noisy fashion.

Neil has written “chapters” on every stage of this journey, except for the final one which, he has said will be the hardest to write. We hope you enjoy this gallery and Neil’s story and who knows…2022 just might be the year he does it all again and we would be honored to have you all along with us – “…Fear Nothing – Experience Everything…”


A percentage of all apparel and course sales will go
directly to benefit these amazing charities. 

This is also who we will be raising money for on Neil’s next Walk Across America journey.


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