• 1 Day course
  • $450.00

This is a STREET SCENE SYSTEM of TRAINING (SSST) Level 4 Course.

Confined space, restricted movement, very close range to zero distance, multiple threat engagements, including The Anchor Drill.

course description

The aim of the course is to provide you with agressive and immediate response “options” in a CQB environment.

The course is based on covert British Intelligence tradecraft and mechanics and contains aggressive and explosive, pistol techniques and utilizes our unique “Anchor Drill” technique.

The course emphasizes different draw and shooting techniques, and pistol manipulations that compliment the restrictive nature of CQB engagements.

Course Requirements

The course is designed to provide continuation training for:

> Executive Protection Agents.
> Undercover Law Enforcement Officers (Source/CI/HUMINT Handlers, DEA, Surveillance teams).
> Covert Military personnel.
> Government Intelligence Agencies.

Terms and conditions apply:

Please note the following:

> A minimum of 6 participants are required for the course to run effectively.
> The course is capped at 12 participants.
> This is a physically demanding course and a good level of fitness is required.

PLEASE NOTE: The filming and/or recording of this training is strictly prohibited.

DISCLAIMER: Go Noisy reserve the right to refuse entry on the course to anyone who, we believe, is not acting in an honest and transparent manner. Furthermore, Go Noisy do not accept liability for what any individual may do with the firearms training they have received, once the course has ended and all course participants will be required to sign a firearms waiver, on arrival. Furthermore, Go Noisy also reserve the right to remove any individual(s) from the range, at any time, due to safety/competency concerns.

Materials Needed


> Pistols ONLY

> 500 rounds of pistol ammunition.



> Clothing will be role-specific to you and/or your organization.

> As a guide only:

  • Jeans, robust trousers
  • Old shirts/t-shirts
  • Sneakers/shoes/boots
  • Sturdy belt

> Please bring comfortable trousers and soft footwear for the combative training.

> Please avoid wearing expensive clothing on the range, as there is a risk of it being ripped/torn/damaged.


> Equipment will be EDC or role-specific to you and/or your organization.


Course Dates

  • Feb 10-10
  • Mar 17-17
  • May 11-11
  • Jun 16-16

payment options

select one

  • YOUR DEPOSIT SECURES YOUR PLACE ON THE COURSE. Remaining balance to be paid within 14 days of the course start date.

  • Pay Full Amount


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