SSST Level 9 – Undercover Officer Training

  • 5 Day course
  • $3,750.00


Operating covertly in a small team, or as an individual, in a non-permissive neighborhood, town or city, changes everything about how you function and respond to situations. The majority of covert operations that suffer a compromise, are generally as a result of some sort of “soft” compromise – something unexpected, something unplanned for, something you had no control over.

We can, when requested, inject an element of both SERE and integrated combatives, into the course, which may cause physical and mental discomfort and it is crucial that if you do request these additional injects, that you are both physically and mentally prepared for it, prior to attending.

This course is for current and existing undercover officers ONLY. The course is designed to revise, remind and teach new tradecraft & mechanics, which can be utilized operationally.

Please contact us directly to discuss your preferred dates.

course description

The course provides a multi-dimensional selection of operating procedures and response options, whilst sustaining operational capacity, durability and effectiveness. The course is based on covert British Intelligence tradecraft and mechanics that will allow you to operate, more effectively, in a non-permissive environment, with a reduced risk of compromise and an increased chance of operational success.

The course is delivered from a passive platform, whilst also providing that all-important capability for a more aggressive response option (if required) and is specific to urban / street / town environments.

It is NOT just the “location” of where you are operating, that makes it “non-permissive”, it is the “nature” of your role, the people you are working against and the consequences for you/your team/or your government, if compromised / captured, that makes it “non-permissive”.

You will be put through numerous scenario-based “judgement” training exercises, with role players, where your ability to remain calm and protect the integrity of your cover story, will be tested. The course, culminates in a physically and mentally robust exercise.

We place a lot of emphasis on your ability to think for yourself and deal with a situation in the way that YOU believe it should be dealt with.

Course Requirements

The course is specifically designed for individuals and teams who currently work in a covert / undercover role:

> LEO/DEA/Anti-Gang Units/Child Trafficking Units
> CI/HUMINT/Source handlers
> High Risk Surveillance teams
> Covert Government agencies

Terms and conditions apply:

Please note the following:

> A minimum of 6 participants are required for the course to run effectively.
> The course is capped at 12 participants.
> You MUST hold a valid and in-date Drivers License
> This is a physically and mentally demanding course and a good level of fitness is required.

PLEASE NOTE: The filming and/or recording of this training is prohibited.

DISCLAIMER: Go Noisy reserve the right to refuse entry on the course to anyone who, we believe, is not acting in an honest and transparent manner. Furthermore, Go Noisy do not accept liability for what any individual may do with the firearms training they have received, once the course has ended and all course participants will be required to sign a firearms waiver, on arrival. Furthermore, Go Noisy also reserve the right to remove any individual(s) from the course, at any time, due to safety/competency concerns.


Materials Needed


> Weapons will be role-specific to you and/or your organization
> You will be required to bring the following quantities of ammunition:

  • 500 rounds pistol
  • 300 rounds carbine


> The course is delivered from a covert/undercover platform.

> No “overt” tactical gear will be required at any stage throughout this course.

> As a guide only:

  • Jeans, robust trousers
  • Old shirts/t-shirts
  • Light jacket
  • Sneakers/shoes (no military type footwear please)
  • Sturdy belt
  • Sports bra (female students)

> Please bring comfortable trousers and soft footwear for the combative training.

> Please avoid wearing expensive clothing on the range as there is a risk of them being ripped/torn/damaged.


> Equipment will be role-specific to you and/or your organization.

> The course is delivered from a covert platform and any belt kit, holsters, magazine holders etc. must be suitable for working covertly.

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