Personalized Training Programme Development – Option 2

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Your 3-month, personal pathway to achieving your individual, mid-term, training goals.

Your training MUST have a goal – it must have achievable aims.

We understand that every individual is different – with different requirements and goals.

Let us develop your individual, personalized training programme for you, based on WHY you carry a firearm and WHAT it is, you want to achieve from the training you conduct.

We will monitor, measure and quantify your training development and progression, through a remote system of training exercises for you to complete, followed by your submission of video evidence, for us to assess. Once assessed, we will schedule a follow-up, personal video call, where feedback, guidance and additional training advice, will be given, on the completion of each training day.

This 3-month package, allows you to train progressively, to your own timetable, at your own pace, and in accordance with what you have told us in your personal Training Needs Analysis (TNA) questionnaire, which we will develop for you, to deconflict and compliment your work, family and personal commitments.

course description

Figuring out what your training goals are, can be conflicting.

As a firearms user, you have a firearm for a reason – do you know what that reason is?

We understand that, for a variety of reasons, many firearms users do not like attending private classes, and prefer to train by themselves – but do you know what you want to achieve from your training?

Do you know what you need to improve on (accuracy, speed, draw, or something else) and HOW to achieve that over a 3-month period?

Do you know WHAT, specifically, you are training for?

Well, we are here to answer all of that for you – to develop, advise, mentor and guide you through your own personal training pathway process.

Whether you train once or four times a month – we will develop your personalized training programme to suit that timetable.

Initially, we will send you a training needs analysis (TNA) with a list of questions, which will allow us to understand your personal training requirements and goals, and with that information, we will develop your individual and personalized, 3-month training programme.

We will set you milestones to achieve and we will remotely monitor your progress.

Every time you train, you will be required to video the drills and exercises we have developed for you, which you will submit to us, via Dropbox.

Once we review your videos, we will schedule a video call with you, to discuss your progress.

Let us develop your training programme for you – allowing you to concentrate on simply achieving your own training goals, without worrying about HOW you actually do that.



Course Requirements

The course is designed to provide a 3-month, personalized training programme for:

> All levels of firearms users.

Terms and conditions apply:


> You will be required to complete an electronic Training Needs Analysis (TNA) questionnaire.

> It is crucial that you answer these questions with as much honesty as possible.

> Once you commence your training, you will be required to video the training exercises we develop for you and, on their completion, submit them to us, via your own personalized Dropbox, that we will set up for you.

> We value your right to privacy. None of the videos, that you submit to us, will be made public or shared on any platform and will be deleted from our Dropbox, as soon as your training period ends.

Materials Needed


> In accordance with your TNA.

> Ammunition quantities will be sent to you, in accordance with each exercise we develop for you.



> In accordance with your TNA.

> In accordance with your TNA.



> In accordance with your TNA.

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