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Executive Protection Training (Bespoke)

An Executive Protection Course, tailored specifically to your organization's requirements and designed to compliment your organization's operational procedures.

Executive Protection Training (Bespoke)


The unique beauty of this Executive Protection Course is that  you  decide the length and content of the course, dependent upon your organizations requirements.

The course is designed around UK close protection training best practice.

If you or your organization already has an existing executive protection team and merely wish for them to have their skills enhanced, then we would recommend a 7 day course as a  minimum.  What is contained in that 7 days, would be completely dependent upon what you or your organization's operational requirements are. However, we would recommend that the course content contain the following:

  • Walking Drills Practical Exercise
  • Embus / Debus Practical Exercise
  • Incidents & Dilemmas that EP Agents face
  • Conflict Management Scenario Training (with Role Players)
  • Executive Protection Scenario Training (with Role Players)
  • Law & Legislation
  • Threat & Risk Assessment Assignment
  • Route Planning & Mobile Navigation Practical Exercise
  • Reconnaissance Practical Exercise
  • Surveillance Survey
  • Surveillance Practical Exercise
  • Confirmatory Executive Exercise
  • Combative's Training
  • Firearms Training

If, on the other hand, you or your organization are putting together a NEW executive protection team, then we would recommend a 12-day course as a  minimum . The content of this course would be ratified once we speak directly with you to establish the new team's operational procedures. Once we know that, we can design a course, to specifically address those operational obligations.

If your organization's executive protection team carry firearms, as part of their role, then we can also put them through various live firing drills and scenarios, which will be solely based on your teams operational procedures.

Scenario training is an excellent way to "deep-dive" your existing operational procedures, as it allows us, you and the team, to stress-test those operational procedures in a safe and controlled environment and gives you and the team an opportunity to amend them appropriately. 

We use role players, as "characters" so that your scenario training is as realistic as possible.

Any discussion that we have with you, regarding the operational capacity of your executive protection team, would be in the strictest of confidence and we would happily sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to ensure the integrity of the course content and your organisation's operational integrity. 

In summary, we work around what  you  require and, with advice and assistance from the wealth of executive protection experience we have, we are confident that we can produce a comprehensive and tailor-made course that will enhance and sharpen your organization's "exisiting " capability and / or prepare your new team to the highest UK standards of executive protection training.

Additionally, and this is the beauty of bespoke training, based on  your  requirements, it will prepare your team, exactly for the realities and requirements of their operational responsibilities within your organization. 

We are passionate about designing realistic courses and that passion is epitomized in how we deliver our training to you.

To discuss your organizations training requirements and to have a bespoke course designed exclusively with your organizations requirements in mind, then simply get in touch with us by email or we can organize a video conference call, where we would be delighted to have that conversation with you. 

Please note the following:

  • This is a course designed for "either" existing Executive Protection Teams, who already "work" together, as a Team.
  • An organization's NEW Executive Protection Team. 
  • The price and duration of the course will be solely dependent upon your requirements

Our approach to training can be best summarized by this infamous quote by one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America:

"... Tell me and I forget ... Teach me and I may remember ... involve me and I will learn ..." - Benjamin Franklin 


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