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Confined Space Combative Pistol

Imagine any Confined Space environment, where you are attacked and where you do NOT have the option to create space or immediately extract yourself from the situation and the ONLY option you have is to fight and defend yourself. The course is specifically designed for Direct Action (DA) and Low Intensity Conflict operations:

Confined Space Combative Pistol

Imagine you're working "covertly" or in a "low profile" capacity.

Imagine you're in your vehicle, or in an elevator, or a restroom or on a flight of stairs and are attacked.

Imagine you're serving a warrant in someone's house, conducting a traffic stop, interviewing a suspect in an interview room and are attacked.

Imagine you are a lone operator, either on a Surveillance task or providing security for a TV/News Crew, caught up in a crowd, facing multiple threats.

These are just some of the situations that are addressed during this 5-day Course.

Course Overview:

The course is based on Covert British Intelligence Firearms tradecraft and mechanics and contains aggressive, confined space, extreme-close-range, in-car and multiple threat engagements, using both lethal and non-lethal options, with a unique and complimentary style of Pistol work and Integrated Combative's techniques with a requirement to think fast, react fast and shoot fast, using small body movements and Confined Space "point and shoot" techniques.

The course requires the firer to have a good level of Pistol handling experience and confidence with a short-barrelled weapon system.

The course is specifically designed for:

  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • Covert Agency personnel/Covert Agency Support Teams
  • Military Personnel
  • Armed Executive Protection Agents 

It can even be tailored towards legally held gun owners, who wish to increase their level of self-protection and give themselves more functional and robust response options, either in the home, in the street or in the work place.

The course is a physically demanding and extremely enjoyable...so bring old clothes and a sense of humour.

This is an advanced course and requires the firer to have a good level of Pistol handling experience and confidence with a short-barrelled weapon system.

We do NOT advocate, advise nor teach "Big Arm Movements" or "Chicken Wing" Pistol tradecraft. In a "Confined Space" environment...or ANY environment for that matter, your Pistol arm will get "Fish Hooked" and then it's all over for you. 

Integrated Combatives Training is also blended into the course, and is delivered by one of the UK's leading Integrated Combatives Instructors, which will also concentrate on Combative techniques in a Confined Space and Multiple Threat environment, with an emphasis on bladed and blunt instrument attacks and response options to them, weapon retention, non-lethal response options, using your Pistol and options to extracate yourself from choke holds, arm locks and other restrictive holds.

The aim of this course is to provide you with lethal and non-lethal "Options", depending on what level of threat you are confronted with. You will be taught both lethal and non-lethal methods of using the Pistol in a confined space environment, where immediate extraction is not possible.

The course is a blended integration of Pistol work and Combatives.

The Pistol work is at extreme close range engagements and concentrates on draw and engagement techniques that have been operationally tested.

The Integrated Combatives element is a combination of both offensive and defensive techniques, designed specifically for confined space environments.

We place a lot of emphasis on sharp and blunt instrument attacks, weapon disarmament and retention - all in a confined space environment, including "in-car/seated position" techniques.

We cover both lethal and non-lethal use of the Pistol and emphasise the importance of being able to make an instantaneous decision, including the initiation of a Contact,

We teach our personally designed "Anchor Drill" to address the multiple attackers threat and we plan and conduct various Scenarios, using role players as "characters".

The purpose of the course is to provide people with a number of flexible and effective "Response Options" under high-stress and potentially life threatening situations.

The course is conducted in civilian (non-military) clothing.


Technical Pistol: 

  • Confined Space Stance
  • Confined Space Draw Options
  • Confined Space Shooting Techniques
  • Advantages of a short-barrelled weapon system
  • Aggressive Trigger Control Techniques
  • The Anchor Drill
  • Instinctive Shooting Techniques
  • "Rotation" method of re-engagement
  • "Hip Drop / Knee Drop" method of re-engagement
  • Non-lethal Pistol Techniques
  • In-Car Contact Response Options

Integrated Combatives:

  • Basic Footwork, Stance and Confined Space Striking
  • Basic Defense from Unarmed Attacks
  • Edge Weapons Defense Fundamentals
  • Pistol Retention (Holstered & Unholstered)
  • Response Options to an Edged Weapons Attack (Weapon Unholstered)
  • Response Options to an Edged Weapons Attack (Weapon Holstered)
  • Attack response options in and around vehicles

During the course you will be expected to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of Defence against Bladed/Blunt Instrument attacks.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Weapon Disarmament/Retention techniques.
  • Demonstrate the use of a Pistol in a Lethal and Non-lethal capacity.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of The Anchor Drill.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Multiple Attacker techniques.
  • Demonstrate and implement the initiation of a Confined Space Contact.
  • Demonstrate and implement the reaction to a Confined Space Contact.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Confined Space combatives techniques.

By the end of the course you will be equipped with a number of flexible and effective "Response Options" should you find yourself in a "Confined Space" environment, where extraction, creating space or on-scene back-up is not immediately possible.

Why you are in this situation, is NOT important; you can lament on that later.

Your sole focus should be on getting out of the situation - nothing else matters.

"...because of the nature of confined space fighting, the aim has got to be about causing the maximum amount of damage, to the attacker, in the minimum space of time..." - Neil M Davis QCVS

Please note the following: 

  • A minimum of 6 participants is required for this course to run effectively.
  • The course is capped at 12 participants.
  • As part of Go Noisy's Due Diligence, Code of Ethics, Transparency, Oversight, Accountability and Personal Liability process, you will be required to meet one of the following criteria, in order to attend this course:
    • Produce and valid and in-date and Firearms Licence
    • Produce a valid Criminal Background Check, which is no more than 1 month old
    • Hold US/NATO/British or FVEY Security Clearance
    • Produce a valid and in-date Military ID Card
    • Produce a valid and in-date Police ID Card

DISCLAIMER: Go Noisy do not accept liability for what any individual may do with the firearms training they have received, once the course has ended.


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