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Covert Operator Non-Permissive Environment Course

The course is specifically designed for Teams who operate in a covert/undercover role and is suitable for Direct Action (DA) and Low Intensity Conflict operations

Covert Operator Non-Permissive Environment Course

The course is specifically designed for Teams who operate in a covert/undercover role:

  • Executive Protection Teams.
  • Local/State/Federal Law Enforcement Officers/Agencies.
  • Covert Military personnel.
  • Government Covert Intelligence Agencies.
  • Government Covert Intelligence Agency Support Teams.

The course is delivered from a "covert" and "plain clothes" platform and is specific to urban/street/town environments.

We have redefined what constitutes a "Hostile Environment".

It is NOT the "location" of where you are operating, that makes it "Hostile", it is the "nature" of your role and the consequences for you and your team, if captured/caught, that makes it "Hostile".

The Course is designed around covert British Intelligence Tradecraft and Mechanics, which will allow you to operate, more effectively, in a hostile environment, with a reduced risk of compromise and an increased chnace of operational success.

No "overt" tactical gear is used during this course...so leave the drop-leg holsters, Oakley Gloves, 5.11's and Gargoyle wrap- arounds at home; jeans, nikes and an old jacket is how we run this course.

You will be issued covert Body-armour and covert comms during the course.

During the Course, you will be taken through the following subjects:

  • The Surveillance Survey.
  • Using Covert Comms Effectively
  • Use of/production of a Colour Coded Spotted Map System
  • Covert Carriage of Weapon Systems
  • Use of a Cover Story/Cover Story Integrity
  • Integrated Combative's Training
  • Initiation of/Reaction to a Contact from a "covert" platform
  • Non-permissive Environment Scenario Training (with Role Playing "characters")
  • Conflict Management/Soft Skills Resolution
  • 2-6 man Team Live Firing Contact Drills (Foot & Veh.)
  • Friendly Forces Identification methods
  • TCCC Medical Training Scenarios

Your soft-skills will be tested and your not-so-soft-skills will be expected to show themselves at the appropriate times, which will be for you to decide when that is.

We place a lot of emphasis on your ability to think for yourself and deal with a situation in the way that YOU believe it should be dealt with.

Your aim will be to remain covert, until that is no longer an option for you or your team...only YOU will know when it is time to Go Noisy...no one else can make that decision for you.

The overall aim of the course is to provide you with more effective response options when working in a non-permissive environment by promoting a more "covert" approach to your operational procedures.

This is achieved by changing the Training Concept:

  • Train "Out" Military-type thinking.
  • Train "In" "in" covert Tradecraft & Mechanics

This provides a more multi-dimensional selection of operating procedures and response options, whilst sustaining long-term operational sustainability, capacity, durability and effectiveness.

The Course Objectives are to provide Covert Teams with the tools to remain covert whilst working in hostile and/or non-permissive environment, where operational integrity is key to success.

"...Operating covertly in a small team or as a lone Operator, in a non-permissive neighbourhood, town or city, changes everything about how you respond to any situation..." - Neil M Davis QCVS


  • A minimum of 8 participants are required for the course to run effectively.
  • The course is capped at 12 participants.
  • As part of Go Noisy's Due Diligence, Code of Ethics, Transparency, Oversight, Accountability and Personal Liability process, you will be required to meet one of the following criteria, in order to attend this course:
    • Produce and valid and in-date and Firearms Licence
    • Produce a valid Criminal Background Check, which is no more than 1 month old
    • Hold US/NATO/British or FVEY Security Clearance
    • Produce a valid and in-date Military ID Card
    • Produce a valid and in-date Police ID Card

DISCLAIMER: Go Noisy do not accept liability for what any individual may do with the firearms training they have received, once the course has ended.


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