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Firearms Education Programme - (for British/Foreign Expats Living in Bulgaria)

Our Firearms Education Programmes are exclusively for British and Foreign Expats who reside in Bulgaria.

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Sun, 29 Nov 2020 — Sun, 29 Nov 2020
Sun, 20 Dec 2020 — Sun, 20 Dec 2020
Sun, 27 Dec 2020 — Sun, 27 Dec 2020

Firearms Education Programme - (for British/Foreign Expats Living in Bulgaria)

The course, if you want to call it that, is exclusively for British and foreign Expats living in Bulgaria.

It's more of an educationally enjoyable learning experience and less of a "Course".

It is open to individiuals, groups of friends and families, who simply wish to step out their comfort zone a little and experience something completely different in a safe, enjoyable, educational and fun environment.

Ultimately, the aim of the programme is to teach you how to shoot. However, the benefits of learning to shoot (properly) are endless. It can have a positive effect on:

  • Mental Health
  • Concentration
  • Managing Stress
  • Relaxation
  • Building Self Confidence
  • Building Teamwork
  • Family Cohesion
  • Feeding the appetite to learn new things, simply for the sake of learning them.

Mental Health

Firearms have always been my own personal "Therapy". Working with a Firearm requires quiet concentration and, even for a short period of time on the range, you will find that all your other worries/daily stresses will evaporate and you will find yourself feeling less burdoned by life's daily battles.


There is something uniquely calming about working with a Firearm; strange because people will usually relate firearms with violence. We are here to dispel that myth. Working a Firearm requires concentration; concentration on what is being taught, concentration on how a Firearm works, concentration on the techniques of safely operating one. Nobody enjoys cleaning right? Cleaning the house, the car, the garden shed? Dismantling and cleaning a Firearm, however, IS strangely enjoyable and you will find yourself lost in concentration whilst doing it, where the entire world could be on fire and you wouldn't really care. Your concentration will simply be your main focus; it's almost like a feeling of "escapism".

Managing Stress

There is a belief that physical exercise or reading a good book, can help manage stress levels; working with a Firearm has the same effect. Working a 60-hour week can cause stress (believe me, I know) and sometimes that stress can manifest itself in negative ways and can effect those most closest to you. Firearms are a great way to "safely" de-stress, where the enjoyment you will feel will give that stress an outlet.


Believe it or not, working a Firearm can be extremely relaxing. Standing on the 5m firing point...a Firearm in your hands...a target in front of you...at that exact point in time, nothing else matters...you are completely alone, with one focus...to hit that target. A Firearm is an inanimate object...but in YOUR hands...it becomes a living, breathing thing. It will respond to your touch; too light? It will respond poorly. Too heavy? It will respond badly. Just right? It will respond beautifully. When you dismantle that Firearm, you will find yourself getting to know it "intimately". When you clean that Firearm, you will find yourself cleaning it out of a desire to take care of it...sounds crazy right? Listen, when I'm on my own...with a Firearm...working it...dismantling it...cleaning it...I talk to it; to me? It's a living breathing thing and I know that if I take care of it and treat it right and with respect, it'll take care of me.

Building Self Confidence

This is the most common benefit of Firearms training that we see on all of our courses. We can literally see people's self-confidence grow as they become more and more competent. We will encourage you to "do this"  and "just try that" and we will do this because we will know what you are capable of before you do. The self-confidence gained, can be harnessed and used in your everyday life; not comfortable at Public Speaking? Got a chellenging boss? Firearms Training will give you that self-confidence to confront other aspects of your life that you may lack confidence in.

Building Teamwork

Coming on one of our Educational Programmes, as a group of friends or work colleaugues will, without a shadow of a doubt, allow you to see people in a different light. You will learn things about yourself and others, that you simply would not learn in any other environment. We have individual and Team competitions shoots, which encourages competitiveness (but not in a Monica from "Friends"  kinda way) and teamwork. Firearms "Team" training helps build trust within the team and between individuals.

Family Cohesion

Got teenagers who sit in their rooms and play an Xbox? Call of Duty maybe? Finding an activity that ALL the family can participate in can be challenging. Perhaps you're all just working every hour God sends and don't have the time or energy to make room for doing something together? Hey...! We've all been there. Imagine the "awe" factor in your teenage son or daughter's face, watching you drop metal plates, one after the other, on the range, with a Glock Pistol? Imagine the "pride" factor in your face, watching your teenage son or daughter, getting a grouping size of 60mm at 5m, with a Pistol? These are moments that can be looked back on with a smile and you will all look at each other in a completely different light. Everyone thinks other people's parents are cooler than their own right? Well, after a day on the range, your kids will be showing photos to their classmates at school for months...you'll be the coolest parents in Bulgaria.

Feeding the Appetite to Learn New Things

I'm 54 years old and I learn new things, generally about myself, everytime I go on the range. Learning new things, for no other reason than to learn them is generally considered "pointless". We believe that this could not be further from the truth. Learning new things, for the sake of it, builds character, confidence, life skills and, more importanly it helps feed the appetite to learn new things; it's like a self-perpetuating cycle...it never stops.

The Firearms Educational Programmes are delivered at facilites in Plovdiv and at Lozen Ranges, just outside Sofia.

You can come for a day and never come back again or you can come for a day and return on a regularl basis. Firearms training is like an addiction...it's a bug and once you experience it, we generally find that people just want more.

We will supply all the weapons, ammunition, holsters etc.

You guys just need to...well...turn up basically.

Programme dates are on a Saturday or a Sunday. This is simply to accommodate your work schedule. If, for any reason,  you cannot make a weekend and wish to attend on a weekday instead, then feel free to email or call and we'll try and accommodate that for you.

You can either book/pay through the website or drop me an email to neil.davis@gonoisy.com or call me on +359 8789 90733 and tell me what dates you want to attend and simply pay at the end of the day's training.

There is a minimum attendance requirement of 2 people and we like to cap the programmes at a maximum of 8 people and that's simply to allow us a more "personal" relationship with each of you, whilst on the range.

Whatever your reasons for attending, we will welcome you all with open arms, smiles and lots of funny, although true, war stories and by the time you leave, we hope that you will have made some new friends and to have been educated in the fun, enjoyment, beauty and the simplistic pleasurable benefits of Firearms Training. 



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