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Pistol & Rifle Familiarisation

The aim of this course is to improve your accuracy, train out bad shooting habits, identify and rectify firer errors, increase your understanding of various weapon systems and improve your overall Firearms handling ability.

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Full Course (including breakfast, lunch, evening meal, accommodation, weapons, ammunition & airport transfers)

£ 1695.00


£ 250.00

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£ 1445.00

Course Dates

Mon, 08 Feb 2021 — Thu, 11 Feb 2021
Tue, 09 Mar 2021 — Fri, 12 Mar 2021
Tue, 11 May 2021 — Fri, 14 May 2021
Mon, 07 Jun 2021 — Thu, 10 Jun 2021
Mon, 09 Aug 2021 — Thu, 12 Aug 2021
Mon, 04 Oct 2021 — Thu, 07 Oct 2021
Tue, 16 Nov 2021 — Fri, 19 Nov 2021

Pistol & Rifle Familiarisation

The course is designed for those who may be deploying as Private Security Contractors who have had little, or no, training on the AK47 / M4 and Glock Weapon Systems. It is also an ideal course for NEW legally held gun owners, who wish to become more compliant, confident and competent, in the use of their weapon systems. 

Our Instructors will guide and encourage you and will install in you, that level of self-confidence that is so vital when handling weapons systems, particularly short-barrelled weapons, leaving you safe in the knowledge that whenever you get strapped, you are safely strapped.

The course consists of:

  • Weapon Characteristics and Function
  • Safe Handling Procedures
  • Grouping Shoots
  • Confidence Building Shoots
  • One and Two Handed Shooting Techniques
  • Quick Draw and Target Acquisition Shoots
  • Stoppage Drills (magazine not fitted correctly, empty magazine, stove pipe)
  • Emergency Magazine Changes
  • Check Chamber Techniques
  • Stress Test Shoots
  • Drawing Techniques
  • Shooting Stance
  • Correct grip and hold
  • Correct trigger application
  • Correct Sight Alignment
  • Shoulder Transition Techniques
  • Weapon Transition Techniques


This is one of our courses that work better in smaller groups as it allows our Instructors to add that personal customer care and be cognisant to your own specific needs, particularly if you are a new gun owner or a novice firearms user. Our aim is to improve your accuracy and make you a better shot, build capacity into your Firearms handling and to build confidence in you and your own ability.

There is no training program or schedule for this course; we will go at your pace and will only move onto other shooting and handling procedures, once we (and you) are confident in your ability. We will install in you, a respect for your Firearm, the ability to confidently handle your Firearm and by the end of the 4 days, your self-confidence and Firearms competency will be unrecognisable to you.  

Note to Private Security Contractors/Hostile Close Protection Operatives:

Because we acknowledge how difficult it is for you to conduct realsitic Firearms training whilst in-country and we also acknowledge how difficult it is for you to attend a Firearms Course when you are home on rotation. This course falls under our Busman's Holiday Approach to Training, where we encourage you to bring out your wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends and/or children. The location where we conduct this course, is ideal for a short family break, where you can train with us on the Range during the day and be with your family in the evening. We will arrange accommodation for you and your family at no extra cost.

The course ends on either a Friday or Saturday afternoon and we organise an end of course social, in the evening, which usually goes on into the wee small hours of the morning and is a great way to end 4 long days on the Range. 

We can deliver this course anywhere in the world, so if you cannot come to us, then we can come to you.

Please note the following: 

  • A minimum of 4 students are required for this course to run effectively.
  • The course is capped at 8.
  • As part of Go Noisy's Due Diligence, Code of Ethics, Transparency, Oversight, Accountability and Personal Liability process, you will be required to meet one of the foolowing criteria to attend this course:
    • Produce an in-date and valid SIA License
    • Produce a valid and recognised Criminal Background Check, which is no more than 1 month old
    • Hold NATO/British/US/FVEY Security Clearance
    • Produce a valid and in-date Military ID Card
    • Produce a valid and in-date Police ID Card

DISCLAIMER: Go Noisy do not accept liability for what any individual may do with the firearms training they have received, once the course has ended. 

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