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One of the best courses I've done. Day by day you can see how your accuracy and speed improve. Lots to learn in a few days and very intense but the way the course is structured you get taught each drill separately and then it's all put together. Neil was a great instructor and despite being a difficult course he made it fun and I enjoyed it alot. Highly recommend it and yes it does get NOISY!

Ralph Paul Oratis - CQC Pistol Course Sep 2018

An excellent instructor within Neil with so much experience within the industry and real life. You will not get a more useful, no nonsense course which gives you the skills to progress within the executive and hostile world.

Damian Beveridge - Global Protective Solutions Ltd, London, UK

Need tactical training? This is the place where you need to go! If you need to go... Go Noisy!

Adrian Iulian Bolohan - CQC Pistol Course Sep 2018

We did the first 21-day Live Firing Hostile & Executive Course, Level FPOS & Hostile Environment Scenario Training Course in Bulgaria in February 2019. I thought I knew some things but I learned alot more in this 3 weeks. Great atmosphere with the group headed with Neil who instructed us in the classroom, on the range and in and around Plovdiv. The Executive Exercise, the CP Driving on the Racetrack and the Live Firing Drills with a VIP were the highlights for me. Highly recommended by anyone who wants to work in an Executive or Hostile Environment. Thanks again. I start working soon. Couldn't have done it without this course. 

Duncan Bransen - CP Course Feb/Mar 2019

I have just completed the Close Protection Operatives course combined with the HEST and QNUK L3 FR and would highly recommend Go Noisy as a training provider. An all round, extremely well-run course and would definitely do the course all over again. Thank you and see you again for further training!

Moiro Bänziger - CP Course Sep/Oct 2019

I have also just completed the 21-day Close Protection and QNUK L3 First Responder Course. I strongly recommend an excellent professional in Neil Davis. He a huge amount of experience and a deep and thorough knowledge of all topics of the course. Every day was a different day. If you wanna go?..Go Noisy...if you don’t?...go somewhere else...

Kyriakos Damanakis CP Course Sep/Oct 2019

Professional, yet enjoyable.

I have successfully gained work in RST and CP since completing the CP course with Neil in Bulgaria. He has further advised me with application forms to large companies and shows his ongoing support.

Neil knows his stuff and is passionate about what he does.

I highly recommend his courses to anyone who is looking to move forward in the security industry.

Sarah Halkon - CP Course Oct/Nov 2018

I went through the Close Protection Course a couple of weeks ago. Personally I considered it as one of the best experiences in my life. Through the first 10 days, we went through all the executive training, role responsibilities, law and legislations, race track driving, mobile navigation exercises and many more. Throughout the second batch of 10 days, hands-on trainings took place, we went through live firing contact drills, hostile environment scenarios, combative and medical training that were very interesting and crucial.

The instructors, Neil Davis, Rikky Thomas and Alex Fulford are very knowledgeable and give exactly what's needed in a very direct and clear way.

The accommodation and the whole place was very neat and clean. Whether we're talking about the center or the shooting range. We were also well fed.

I did of course get tired during the course as it was quite intensive, but I know it was all worth it, I will surely attend supplementary courses with Go Noisy and Neil Davis, this is for sure.

Thank you for this beautiful experience!

Mark Abou Khalil - CP Course Sep 2019

I enjoyed the demanding 21 training days and Mr Neil Davis was an excellent instructor who helped me to upgrade my level and be a better professional. Looking forward for my next training course....

Dimitris Kitness - CP Course Nov/Dec 2019

If you are considering a career in the CP industry, I can not recommend this course highly enough. The Instructor Neil Davis has an excellent way of teaching. He has a vast knowledge of the realities of working in the CP industry. I enjoyed the course from start to finish and will be back for more in 2020. Thank you to the Go Noisy team. The 21-day BTEC Level 3 CP Course & QNUK Level 3 First Responder Nov-Dec 2019

Paul Ryan

I completed my second course with Go Noisy in January this year which was the Confined Space Pistol Techniques course run in Poland. An excellent course delivered by Neil and Ricky which covers the drills and skills needed to get you out of a bad situation.Great instruction throughout and I could see a definite improvement in my speed and accuracy by the end of the week. A enjoyable and demanding course which I would recommend to anyone.

Dave Welch

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