SSST Level 2 – Concealed Carry Draw Techniques

  • 1 Day course
  • $450.00

This is a STREET SCENE SYSTEM of TRAINING Level 2 Course.

Leave the drop-legs at home for this one.

The course covers drawing techniques from different concealed carry positions.

This course must be completed before entry onto the SSST Level 4 – Pistol CQB, is considered.


course description

The course has been specifically designed to assist both private citizens and armed professionals, to improve their draw techniques and their draw options.

The course will concentrate on the following three carry positions and will include both the static, and the moving draw:

> Appendix.
> Hip.
> Below the Belt line.

The draw is an often-overlooked, aspect of self-defense training with a firearm, and yet, the draw is the transition from a passive to an aggressive action and, if done poorly, has the potential for catastrophic consequences.

During the course, we will break the draw down into several, individual movements, and will repetitive train, until it all those individual movements become one smooth, flowing, draw-stroke.

We want you to be able to “feel” when your draw isn’t as it should be.

We want you to get used to drawing and moving, at the same time, where your body will be conducting multiple tasks and movements simultaneously, to ensure you to get out of the line of fire, and make it more difficult for the bad guys to hit you.

We want your draw to flow, to be a natural movement, to be fast, in order that you have more time to concentrate on whatever threat you’re engaging – fast draw = more time on target.



Course Requirements

The course is designed to provide for:

> All concealed carrying private citizens (including NEW gun owners).
> Plain clothes law enforcement officers
> Air Marshalls
> Private Investigators
> Armed Executive Protection Agents

Terms and conditions apply:

Please also note the following:

> A minimum of 6 participants are required for this course to run effectively.
> The course is capped at 12 participants.

PLEASE NOTE – The recording or filming of any part of this training is prohibited.

DISCLAIMER: Go Noisy reserve the right to refuse entry on the course to anyone who, we believe, is not acting in an honest and transparent manner. Furthermore, Go Noisy do not accept liability for what any individual may do with the firearms training they have received, once the course has ended and all course participants will be required to sign a firearms waiver, on arrival. Furthermore, Go Noisy also reserve the right to remove any individual(s) from the range, at any time, due to safety/competency concerns.

Materials Needed


> Whatever your concealed carry/EDC pistol is.

> You will be required to bring 300 rounds of pistol ammunition.


> Clothing will be your normal daily attire.

> The course is conducted from a concealed carry/EDC platform.

> As a guide ONLY:

  • Jeans/robust trousers.
  • Trainers/shoes/non-military boots.
  • T-shirts/Shirts
  • A sturdy belt

Please avoid wearing expensive clothing on the range as there is a risk of it being ripped, torn and/or damaged.

Absolutely no short-shorts, daisy-dukes, boob tubes, flip-flops or leisure wear on the course please.


> Equipment will be specific to your concealed/everyday carry (EDC) preference.

> As a guide ONLY:

  • Pistol holster (IWB & OWB)
  • 3 pistol magazines
  • Pistol magazine holder (double)
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection

Course Dates

  • Dec 10-10
  • Jan 14-14
  • Mar 16-16
  • Apr 14-14
  • Jun 15-15

payment options

select one

  • YOUR DEPOSIT SECURES YOUR PLACE ON THE COURSE. Remaining balance to be paid within 14 days of the course start date.

  • Pay Full Amount


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