Seminar – Essential Functions of Executive Protection Training

During this 1-day seminar, we hope to dispel the many myths surrounding executive close protection training and reinforce the stark realities of the role of the modern-day executive close protection professional, whilst offering a British perspective of the industry in both training course content and operational requirements by promoting, what we believe, are “essential functions” of executive close protection training and service provision.



course description

The purpose of the seminar is two-fold; it is not to start or engage in a bunfight about executive close protection training, course content.

Firstly, it is merely to “add” our perspective to the executive protection training discussion, and the benefits that our experience of both delivering executive close protection training, in the UK, and conducting executive close protection operations, worldwide, can bring to the discussion, in order to play our part in improving the standards of both executive close protection training and service provision in the USA.

Secondly, it is to accurately and honestly, provide advice to individuals who are considering a career in the executive close protection industry, and to explain, with brutal honesty, what to expect if and when they choose to join this great industry, as well as to advise executive close protection employers of what they should expect from their executive protection officers.



Course Requirements

The seminar is open to:

> Those who are considering a career in the executive close protection industry.
> New and/or current executive close protection professionals.
> Executive close protection training providers.
> Man-power suppliers/employers of executive close protection officers.

Location: The Ranch Gun Club & Training Center, 31101 Nafi Drive, Immokalee, FL 34142

Time: The seminar will run from 0900 – 1600hrs

Content: The seminar will consist of powerpoint presentations, whiteboard exercises, Q&A discussions, in the classroom and practical demonstrations, outside.

Price: $20.00 per person, to cover the cost of a BBQ-style lunch and refreshments.

Materials Needed


> No weapons training is conducted during this seminar.






Whatever you want really. But please…no budgie-smuggling, short-shorts / daisy dukes/ boob tubes/lycra leggings or flip-flops.



Perhaps a notebook and pen, if you want. But the only things you really need to bring with you are an open mind, a sense of humour and a friendly face.

Course Dates

  • Sep 10-10
  • Sep 24-24
  • Nov 12-12
  • Dec 03-03

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