Intro to Pistol

Have you just purchased your first pistol but don’t really know how it works?

Are you thinking about purchasing your first pistol but are unsure how to safely handle it once you take possession of it?

If the answer to these questions is “yes”, then this Intro to Pistol course is exactly what you should be seriously thinking about doing.

This is a 100% classroom-based class, where we will inform, instruct and assess you, on what you need to know as the owner of a new pistol. You will be introduced to your new pistol in a safe, informal and comfortable setting.

Classes are deliberately kept small, in order for you to get the maximum personal attention from the Instructor.

This is a 4-hour class (9am – 1pm)

course description

As a firearms training provider, we have a duty of care to ensure that everyone who steps foot on our ranges or takes part in our classes is safe, competent and proficient, in the use of a pistol and they do not pose a danger to us, others or themselves.

As a new gun owner or someone who is considering purchasing a pistol for the first time, you have a moral responsibility to learn how to safely, responsibly and competently, use that firearm, in order to defend yourself and your family. Anything less is putting you and them, in more danger.

The class covers:

  • Safety (including the use of ear/eye-pro)
  • Internal Function & Firing Sequence (what happens when the trigger is pulled)
  • Functions of the relevant parts of the pistol (e.g. what this part is/does/is used for)
  • Maintenance/stripping/assembling/cleaning (how to clean, understanding the internal components of your pistol)
  • Sight Picture/Point of Aim
  • Stance, Grip & Trigger pull
  • Load/Unload
  • Basic malfunctions (empty magazine, magazine not fitted correctly)
  • Holster selection discussion
  • Individual safety & competence assessment

The aim of this class is to get you to the necessary standard required to progress onto the Defensive Pistol 1. In order to ensure that you have reached that standard, at the end of the class, each participant will be put through a 10-min individual assessment. The purpose of that assessment is to check your competency on safe handling and to ensure you have a good understanding of how your pistol works and how to maintain it.

Once this assessment is passed, then you will be eligible to progress onto the Defensive Pistol 1 class.

Individuals who fail the assessment, will be given a second attempt to pass. If they fail the second attempt, then they will have the opportunity to take 1-to-1 training with us, in order to bring them up to the level where they can pass the assessment. This will be explained and discussed with your instructor during the class.

Course Requirements

> The Intro to Pistol class will take place in a classroom setting from 9am to 1pm.

> The class will then break for lunch

> The Defensive Pistol 1 class will then take place from 2pm – 5pm

> If you are attending the Intro to Pistol class, you are under no obligation to book straight onto the Defensive Pistol 1 class, immediately afterwards. However, we feel that moving immediately onto the Defensive Pistol 1 class, would be more beneficial to your training development.

Terms and conditions apply:

Please also note the following:

> A minimum of 5 participants are required for the class to run effectively.

> The class is capped at 8 participants.

DISCLAIMER: Go Noisy reserve the right to refuse entry on the class to anyone who, we believe, is not acting in an honest and transparent manner. Furthermore, Go Noisy do not accept liability for what any individual may do with the firearms training they have received, once the class has ended. All class participants will be required to sign a firearms waiver, on arrival. Furthermore, Go Noisy also reserve the right to remove any individual(s) from the class, at any time, due to safety/competency concerns.

Materials Needed


> Pistol

NOTE: If you do not yet own your own pistol, one will be provided to you for the class.


> Comfortable clothing. Please avoid wearing the following:

  • Sweatpants
  • Lycra
  • Any clothing that doesn’t require a sturdy belt


> As a guide ONLY:

  • Pistol holster (if you have one – do NOT buy one just to attend this class. A holster will be provided to you for the duration of the class)
  • 2 pistol magazines
  • Pistol magazine holders (if you have one – do NOT buy one just to attend this class. A magazine holder will be provided to you for the duration of the class)
  • Pistol cleaning kit (if you have one – do NOT buy one just to attend this class. Cleaning equipment will be provided to you for the duration of the class.)

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