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The Benefits of a Busman's Holiday for Private Security Contractors - Part 1

The definition of a "Busman's Holiday" is, loosely; "...a holiday or form of recreation that involves doing the same thing that one does at work..."
The Benefits of a Busman's Holiday for Private Security Contractors - Part 1

The definition of a "Busman's Holiday" is, loosely;

"...a holiday or form of recreation that involves doing the same thing that one does at work..."

Now, I know what you're thinking;

"...why would anyone want to do the same thing on holiday as they do at work..?"

That would be a fair question to ask if the amount of Firearms Training currently being conducted by Private Security Contractors wasn't so low.

Listen, I'm not having a go at Private Security Contractors ok? I used to be one and I get it; time at home is precious and the last thing a spouse or a child wants to hear is that their Husband/Wife or Mum/Dad is swanning off to Bulgaria or Poland for five days, to go do some Firearms training.

When I was a Private security Contractor, I was fortunate to have had the regular opportunity and capability to get down range when on contract; we did this religiously. In fact we complained because we couldn't train enough!

Our mindset was simple; we carry weapon systems on a daily basis, we need to practice/rehearse Live Firing Contact Drills as often as possible and we need to stress test our own Actions On under as realistic conditions as possible.

Something has changed since then; there has been a mindset change within both the guys and girls that make up the Hostile Private Security Contractor family and the Private Security Companies that employ them, that has resulted in Live Firing Training becoming a "luxury" when it was always, always, always a "necessity".

The reasons for this are numerous; a lack of in-theatre facilities, a lack of finances for training ammunition, operational commitments taking precedence over training (although I would fervently argue that operational readiness and capability is utterly determined by conducting regular training).

Sadly, another reason is some Private Security Contractors believe they don't need to train; they are good enough already. The Private Security Contractor who has been on contract for four years on an 8/4 rotation and in those four years, has never conducted Live Firing CP Contact Drills. They carry weapon systems every single day, with the sole purpose of protecting an individual and yet, do not train with those very weapon systems that they carry. They do not train for that worst case scenario.

There is nothing I can do or say that is going to result in any form of change for these people, so I'm not even going to try. However, if you fall into that bracket and are currently reading this and have no desire to train and are happy to bluff it out and play a "nothing will happen" game of roulette, then you can stop reading now.

Having spoken to a number of Training Managers currently working for prominent Private Security Companies, I am aware that Firearms Training does take place and that some Private Security Companies are more conscientious than others in providing it to their employees. However, they also privately lament that the training they would like to give to their employees, in order to be contractually compliant, is far from what they believe their employees should be getting provided with, which more or less confirms, to me at least, that conducting Training in order to fulfil contractual compliance requirements, just isn't cutting it.

Everyone knows it but no-one wants to talk about the glaring inadequacies surrounding Firearms Training. It's like the ginger step-child dilemma; do we bring the kid out in public or leave him in the under-stairs cupboard and hope that he doesn't burn the house down? Because, at some point, the lack of Live Firearms Training being conducted by those who carry weapon systems on a daily basis, will result in people being burned.

All of this can only be fixed with a "Top-Down" approach to Live Firearms Training; making it compulsory for all Hostile Close Protection Officers, which I don't see happening anytime soon.

So, that leaves us, at Go Noisy, with trying to fix it from the "Bottom-Up", which is why we are pushing for Private Security Contractors to combine their Firearms Training with a Short Break Holiday with their families; a Train by day...Holiday by night, Busman's Holiday kinda deal.

Cynics will call it a marketing strategy; I call it catering to the realties of the Private Security Industry; I don't have the influence to change things at the top but I can make it easier for those who desperately want to train but have the dilemma of having to leave family and loved ones again, in order to do it.

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