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"...If You Gotta Go - Go Noisy..."



First and foremost, we are a family and everyone who attends any of our courses or buys any of our apparel, becomes part of that family.


The term "Go Noisy" comes from voice procedure used, whilst operating as an undercover soldier with British Intelligence, in some of the most non-permissive environments imaginable, where, to "...go noisy..." or "...India's going noisy..." was considered the “heads-up” call, given over the net, alerting everyone of the initiation of a gun fight.


"...India's going noisy Red 45..." coming over the net, immediately got people scrambling to assist and converging on Red 45, throwing guns and themselves, into vehicles, screeching out of compound gates, driving "wrong-side" and mounting pavements, all for one reason - India had gone noisy…India is in the shit.


Go Noisy is not merely our company name; it is a lifestyle...Go Noisy is a noun...Go Noisy is a verb...Go Noisy is an adjective.


Go Noisy is not about simply going "loud" on the range or being vocally "loud" in life...it is the act of, quietly, doing the right thing, regardless of the consequences to yourself...it is about standing up for something, or someone, even if you're the only person standing up for it...it is about believing in something, even if you're the only one who believes in it…it is about protecting your family, your country or a total stranger in the street, from harm.


We are a community of likeminded people, who share the same passion for firearms, veterans, patriotism, military, freedom, law enforcement and first responders. 


We kneel for God, the Fallen and to open fire.


Those beliefs and that “Go Noisy” attitude and lifestyle is also reflected in our line of clothing apparel. 


Go Noisy exists to provide people with functional, realistic and “messy” firearms training, in order to provide response options for kinetically complex situations. 


Our company brand, style, passion and "no-one-likes-us-we-don't-care" attitude, is what sets us apart from other firearms training companies.


Welcome to the family…


Hi folks....

Hi folks....

Tsarina and I came up with the idea of "Go Noisy" whilst enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon, sitting in the hot Bulgarian sun in an outside bar in Sofia, elbow deep in Long Island Ice Teas and discussing how we could impact and improve the firearms and hostile environment training industry, whilst being completely unique to all other similar training providers; it's amazing how many good ideas are born from alcohol.

When we got into the weeds of what exactly that "uniqueness" meant, it was an epiphanic moment...certainly for me and we discovered that rather than base our training ethos and design our courses around anything too "generic" or too "military", we should base it on my own experience. 

What do I mean by that?

Well, I have never gone into a battle as part of a large, military unit; every scrap I have ever been in, in the military, has either been as a lone operator or as part of a small covert team and even as part of a hostile environment team, I had always rolled with small teams and generally in either a "covert" or "low profile" style.

Being under fire or being balls deep in a firefight, under those conditions, changes the entire dynamic of a firefight in so many different ways, that they bare little resemblance to being under fire as part of a large scale military operation...and that is how we decided to "shape" our firearms training concept. 

We made the decision to redefine what constitutes a "hostile environment" - a long overdue conversation, that rarely gets discussed - we prefer "non-permissive" environment.

We believe that it is not only the "location" of where you are operating, that makes it a "non-permissive" environment, it is also the "nature" of your role and the consequences for you and your team, when under fire/captured/caught, that makes it "hostile".

Whether it's Baghdad, Boston or Belgrade, if you are operating in a capacity where being compromised, caught or captured is going to result in a catastrophic impact, then it becomes a non-permissive environment.

Since our inception, in 2018, we have witnessed an alarming amount of rigidity, emanating from within the UK firearms training industry as a whole. It has become overwhelmingly formal, too rigid in concept, too beurocratic and, in some cases, has become a haven for a clique of self-appointed firearms purists with an almost feral resistance to change and that is NOT who Go Noisy are, nor do we want to be associated with that kind of training concept or with that mentality and approach to training.

Instructional ability is driven not only by knowledge and experience but also by passion and humility and,  as far as we're concerned, instruction is about passing on knowledge to others in order to provide them with a better set of skills that may allow them to be better in their chosen professions and, at Go Noisy, that is our ultimate goal...let it be yours also.

"...Tell me and I will forget...teach me and I may remember...involve me and I will learn..."

Benjamin Franklin

Neil M Davis QCVS

Neil M Davis QCVS

Neil Davis is a 24-year British Army Veteran and a former Advanced Agent Handler with Joinst Support Group (NI), a covert British Army Intelligence Gatherining Unit, where he successfully recruited and ran covert HUMINT Sources from within terrorist groups and organised crime gangs in numerous countries around the world and for which he was awarded a QCVS in the 2006 New Years Honours List, for his contribution to British Intelligence Gathering operations.

Since leaving the military in 2006, Neil kinda stuck to what he knew best and was involved in both covert Intelligence Collection and low-profile/covert, Close Protection "corporate" operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, along with a former member of the Portuguese Special Branch, he organised, planned and conducted covert Intelligence Gathering operations in Sri Lanka, against the LTTE over a 3 year period, on behalf of a Western Government body. Their collaborative Intelligence Reports were used in the subsequent UN Dossier addressing "War Crimes and Human Rights Violations" submitted to the Sri Lankan Government in 2012.

Neil then went to work for the US Government in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan, on the notorius OP LEGACY programme and spent 5 years, planning and conducting HUMINT operations with the NDS and Afghan Intelligence, in support of US Army Units such as 101st Airborne, 82nd Airborne and 10th Mountain Division, providing crucial "Live" Human Intelligence, in support of on-going Military operations in Zhari, Maiwand, Panjwai and Arghandab Districts.

He set up Go Noisy with his partner and Co-Owner, Tsarina Youhnovska, herself a trained and qualified Close Protection and Surveillance Operative, in 2018, in order to take what he had learned, working as a lone operator or as part of a small covert team, and use that experience with which to pass on Firearms and Hostile environment knowledge. Neil's focus and approach to training is to replicate his experiences on the Range, either by planning and conducting complex "urban" Live Firing Exercises or by creating realistic "Case Study" Scenario Training, using Role Playing "characters" and adding in other external, environmental factors. Neil's passion is realistic and functional training, with no choreography of drills, prefering to allow Scenarios and Live Firing Exercises to take their natural course. 

Neil has a wealth of experience working in numerous countries around the world in austere and operationally challenging environments, under intense pressure. He has many years of Instructional experience and was an Infantry Tactics Instructor at the British Army's Infantry Training Centre,  ITC Wales (Brecon). Neil has delivered various types of specialised training such as Close Protection, Surveillance, HUMINT, Firearms, Hostile Environment and Hostage Survival, to foreign Police Forces, Government bodies, organisations and individuals, around the world.

He also, currently, delivers Scenario Based Advisory Training for senior NATO Staff Officers at JFTC NATO, Poland as part of their pre-deployment training to Afghanistan under the Resolute Support Mission.

In 2015, Neil embarked on an unsupported and solo, Walk Across America, to raise awareness of PTSD amongst American and British Soldiers and Veterans. When he reached Pennsylvania, he suffered serious and incapacitating injuries, including the on-set of sepsis and a strangulated Hernia and was admitted to Hospital, until he was able to return to the UK, for further medical treatment and surgery. It is something that he intends to go back and do again.

Neil has also appeared on the Channel 4 Series, "Hunted" and was an advisor on the US TV Series "The Feed", which was released in 2019. He has also choreographed and delivered bespoke Firearms training for members of the Film and TV Industry.

Tsarina Youhnovska

Tsarina Youhnovska

Co-founder/Managing Director & Apparel Manager

Tsarina is the co-founder of Go Noisy and has been instrumental in getting it off the ground. She is both a qualified Close Protection Officer and a qualified Sureveillance Operator. She has instructed on Close Protection courses and is one of the most passionate firearms and tactics enthusiasts, you will meet. Her diligence, attention to detail and high standards is what, ultimately, drives Go Noisy.  

Tsarina is half Russian/half Bulgarian. Her Grandfather was a Russian Army General and, although she has never served in the Military, her Grandfather's passion for Firearms was passed down by spending her early years, deep in the forests of Bulgaria, being taught how to shoot by her late-Grandfather. This passion for Firearms and her family connection to Military service, has helped shape her into who she is. 

Tsarina manages all of Go Noisy marketing and apparel, so please feel free to get in touch with her at tsarina.youhnovska@gonoisy.com with any enquiries regarding apparel orders/questions.

Aswell as her pivotal role within Go Noisy, Tsarina is involved with the Film/TV Industry and provides translation "voice over" services on many Hollywood and Disney Channel movies and and US based Reality TV programmes. 


Ricky Thomas

Krav Maga/Integrated Combatives Instructor

Ricky is a former Royal marine, serving for 11 years in various locations around the world.

After leaving the Royal Marines, he commenced on a career as a Close protection Operative and gained a vast amount of experience, mainly in the Executive Protection circuit.

Ricky is now a full-time Combatives and Self Protection Instructor, with his own company; Integrated Combatives and delivers classes in both London and Essex, UK.

Ricky believes that Combatives Training should be mandatory for all Close Protection Operatives, whether new or experienced.

He brings a unique, integrated and dynamic approach to self-defence and fighting techniques; combining a multitude of styles, including Krav Maga, International Kapap Federation CQC protocols and elements from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

His primary focus is concentrated upon highly functional, generic techniques and tactics that are relatively simple to learn and retain and that are easily adaptable to work effectively in a wide variety of situations.

You can check out Ricky's classes and style of Instruction on his website at:



Ricky Thomas
Patrick Collins

Patrick Collins


Pat Collins' experience has crossed so many sectors, from Special Forces, to professional sports, to sales and security (particulary cybersecurity) expert for Silicon Valley.

Pat describes himself as professional baseball player, turned MMA professional, turned Green Beret. Excelling in sports from an early age, Pat was a two sport All-American in both Football and Baseball. He was drafted by the Atlanta Braves right out of high school but chose to go to Clemson University on a full baseball scholarship. He then transferred to St. John’s University and was later drafted in the 5th round of the 1999 Major League Baseball Draft. He played seven years for the AA and AAA teams of the Montreal Expos and St. Louis Cardinals organizations.

Following his baseball career, Pat moved to Hawaii and began training in mixed martial arts under Relson Gracie and eventually moved back to New Jersey and trained under Renzo Gracie.

In 2012, Pat enlisted in the U.S. Army and entered into the 18x (Special Forces) pipeline at 34 years old. He was eventually assigned to the 7th Special Forces Group as a Special Forces Medical Sergeant and eventually the senior medical sergeant on the OD-A. During his service, he performed missions in Central America and a combat deployment to Afghanistan and received a Bronze Star and a Combat Infantryman’s badge. Later, Pat also served as a combatives instructor.
Most recently, Pat has been working in Silicon Valley as Medical and Security Expert, as well as sales and business development in cyber security. He is an expert in individual and organizational performance development and evaluation, leveraging success and failures in both professional sports, special operations and business.

Pat is an expert at repurposing his experience and success both in professional sports, as well as in the Special Forces to create a simple formula or playbook demonstrating how to obtain success and overcome adversity individually and as an organization by applying key principles that Pat can simplify for any level staff or audience.

Patrick's Bio can be viewed at the link below:


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If you have any specific questions about the courses we deliver, then please do not hesitate to contact us directly on any of the e-mails addresses below. All "Go Noisy" merchandise enquiries should be directed to Tsarina. 

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