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The idea behind Go Noisy was simply to provide Close Protection Officers and other Security professionals, with an opportunity to come to a facility and conduct various Essential Function related training, under realistic conditions in order to keep themselves up to date and better prepared.
Hi folks...I'm Neil Davis.

Hi folks...I'm Neil Davis.

I'm the guy who had this crazy idea of starting up "Go Noisy". The idea behind it was simply to provide guys and girls, who are currently working in the Close Protection Industry, with an opportunity to come to a Live Firing Range and train, train, train in order to keep themselves up to date and better prepared.
Whether it works or not...well...only time will tell and totally depends on the individuals motivation to conduct regular training.

We also came to the conclusion that we would be better able to influence the Close Protection Industry, at source, by delivering our own Close Protection Courses, that compliment our Essential Function based training, in order to raise the standards of (a) those who wish to pursue a career in the Close Protection Industry and (b) those who already have one.

Instructional ability is driven not only by knowledge and experience but also by passion and humility and I've always been an unorthodox, passionate Instructor...even back in my ITC Wales (Brecon) days.

For me, Instruction is about passing on knowledge to others in order to provide them with a better set of skills that may allow them to be better in their chosen professions and, at Go Noisy, that is my ultimate goal...let it be yours also.

"...Tell me and I will forget...teach me and I may remember...involve me and I will learn..."

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Neil M Davis QCVS

Neil M Davis QCVS

Neil is a former Warrant Officer in the British Army, serving for 24 years, leaving in 2006.

His last 6 years was as an Advanced Agent Handler with British Intelligence, where he successfully recruited and ran covert HUMINT Sources from within terrorist groups and organised crime gangs in numerous countries around the world and for which he was awarded a QCVS in the 2006 Honours List. Since leaving the military, he has been employed in both an Intelligence Collection and Close Protection capacity. He has a wealth of experience working in numerous countries around the world in austere and operationally challenging environments. He has many years of Instructional experience, was a British Army Infantry Tactics Instructor at ITC Wales (Brecon) and has delivered various types of specialised training such as Close Protection, Surveillance, HUMINT, Firearms, HEAT and Hostage Survival, to foreign Police Forces, Government bodies, organisations and individuals, around the world. He also delivers Scenario Based Training for senior NATO Staff Officers at JFTC NATO, Poland as part of their pre-deployment training to Afghanistan.

Neil has also appeared on the Channel 4 Series, "Hunted" and was an advisor on the US TV Series "The Feed", which was released in 2019. He has also choreographed and delivered bespoke Firearms training for members of the Film and TV Industry.

Tsarina Youhnovska

Tsarina Youhnovska

Scenario Co-ordinator & Secondary Instructor

Tsarina is the co-founder of Go Noisy and has been instrumental in getting it off the ground. She is both a qualified Close Protection Officer and a qualified Sureveillance Operator. She has instructed on Close Protection courses and is one of the most passionate firearms and tactics enthusiasts, you will meet.  Her diligence, attention to detail and high standards is what, ultimately, drives Go Noisy.  

Tsarina is a trained actress and, as such, her understanding of how to write and shape scenario character scripts and get the best out of our Role Players, who are also trained actors/actresses, really does add that all important realism to the scenarios that we use throughout our courses. 

Tsarina also manages all of Go Noisy merchandise orders so please feel free to get in touch with her at tsarina.youhnovska@gonoisy.com with any enquiries regarding merchandise orders/questions.

Ricky Thomas

Krav Maga/Integrated Combatives Instructor

Ricky is a former Royal marine, serving for 11 years in various locations around the world.

After leaving the Royal Marines, he commenced on a career as a Close protection Operative and gained a vast amount of experience, mainly in the Executive Protection circuit.

Ricky is now a full-time Combatives and Self Protection Instructor, with his own company; Integrated Combatives and delivers classes in both London and Essex, UK.

Ricky believes that Combatives Training should be mandatory for all Close Protection Operatives, whether new or experienced.

He brings a unique, integrated and dynamic approach to self-defence and fighting techniques; combining a multitude of styles, including Krav Maga, International Kapap Federation CQC protocols and elements from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

His primary focus is concentrated upon highly functional, generic techniques and tactics that are relatively simple to learn and retain and that are easily adaptable to work effectively in a wide variety of situations.

You can check out Ricky's classes and style of Instruction on his website at:



Ricky Thomas
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If you have any specific questions about the courses we deliver, then please do not hesitate to contact us directly on any of the e-mails addresses below. All "Go Noisy" merchandise enquiries should be directed to Tsarina. 

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