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Delta Fuego LLC, is United States Federal Contractor Registered (USFCR) tactical training provider, based in Guatemala. The CEO is Patrick “Pat” Collins, a former professional athlete and professional MMA fighter turned 18D, U.S. Special Forces, decorated combat veteran, serving with the Green Berets, Operational Detachment Alpha (OD-A).


Delta Fuego offers luxurious, VIP team building packages, ranging from Tier 3, through Tier 2 and Tier 1, through to Concierge VIP packages, in some of the most spectacular locations in Guatemala. Packages include:
  • Beachfront/Lakefront, luxury retreat/resorts
  • Access to private airfield/heliports and private boat
  • Private lake tours/coffee plantation tours/jungle tours/boat tours/ATV tours
  • Golf days
  • VIP shooting packages.
  • 5* accommodation
  • All meals



Delta Fuego Coffee is 100% veteran owned and operated. We hire our comrades and our fellow veterans who believe in the same message, the same way of life, and the same journey we went through on deployment. We’re battle-scarred veterans that have spent years enjoying whiskey, coffee, family time, guns, and working out. That’s who we are, and that’s the life we celebrate, and our coffee is here to show for it. We don’t sit behind our desks and serve you mediocre coffee, we get our boots dirty in Guatemala, the source of our coffee, and make sure that we’re present for the roasting, production, and distribution of your coffee.
We’ve been personally deployed in the heart of Guatemala, and fought against narco-activity, human trafficking, terrorism, and general crime, and we’ve seen the innocent lives that have to put up with the corruption of governments and drug trade. That’s why we’ve based our operations in Guatemala, to provide new opportunities for honest workers and caretakers that have mouths to feed and homes to provide for, allowing for positive change and impact on their communities.
Delta Fuego is more than coffee, we’re an ever-expanding community that embodies the patriotic veteran’s lifestyle. We stay true to our own passion, including guns, coffee, apparel, working out, and enjoying a few beers with those we love. With every bag sold, we donate 10% of the proceeds to the Green Beret Foundation, which massively contributes to making the lives of veterans a lot easier and helping them build thriving futures after deployment or injury.

“A collective of former Royal Marines Commandos take the law into their own hands as they struggle to reconcile with their past.”

Set against a backdrop of realistic, fast-paced action, guided by high-quality military drills; SUNRAY, is at its core a human story. A three-part serial drama exploring the veteran psyche, SUNRAY challenges the perceptions of mental health and the struggles that soldiers face when re-integrating back into civilian life.

We follow Andy, who, after dedicating his entire life to service in the armed forces now struggles to slot back into a world he no longer recognizes. He is now forced confront the death of his daughter following fatal encounter with drugs. Hell-bent on finding those responsible and with nothing to lose, a violent criminal underworld unravels in his wake.

Our unique cast consists of former Royal Marine Commandos and who are now all professional actors. Their combined decades of military service and experience, in real conflicts, allows them to, effortlessly and naturally, employ tactical skills and drills from real emotional experiences.

Secure Source International is a global security risk mitigation firm that serves family offices, HNW individuals, corporate enterprises and law firms throughout the US and Europe. Our worldwide network of highly trained security specialists provides the best of both worlds: the highest caliber indigenous personnel combined with the knowledge, experience, and management of an elite client-centric organization. From complex crisis management planning to operational support in areas such as executive protection, secure transportation of key personnel, fraud examination, surveillance investigations, due diligence, and security consulting; Secure Source is the link between our clients and these professionally responsive services on a global basis.

Southern Shield Global Security Group (SSGSG) are a Southeast Florida-based, Executive Protection, Surveillance, and Investigative
company, providing services to HNWI in Florida, as well as US wide.

SSGSG have a large pool of former federal government officers, secret service agents and SOF personnel, which can be deployed across
the United States, at short notice.

They are a discrete, diligent, and intelligence-led, executive close protection provider, preferring to fly under the radar, which
affords their clients that additional layer of protection and anonymity.

The Ranch is a one-of-a-kind, community driven, private gun club and training facility that supports your freedoms, and your love of the outdoors. Our unique and rugged property is home to not only incredible sights but also incredible training opportunities. We offer pistol and rifle ranges from 25 yards to 1 mile, training courses, range rentals, on-site lodging, event hosting and more. The Ranch ranges are dressed up and always ready for you to get out and have a great time. Your membership is a click away. The Ranch Gun Club is a one-of-a-kind private range and training facility. We are not open to the public, but we would love the opportunity to give you a tour and show you our amazing property.



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