Code of Ethics

First and foremost, we are a family and everyone who attends our courses or purchases any of our apparel, becomes part of that family.

We are a veteran owned and veteran run, organisation. We fully support the military, veteran, law enforcement and first responder communities. We are proud advocates and supporters of 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights and, through our training delivery, will always strive to support those Rights. We believe in service to country and community. We are proud of our service to country and believe in the sanctity of freedom.

Go Noisy, is not merely our company’s name; it is a lifestyle. Go Noisy is a noun…Go Noisy is a verb…Go Noisy is an adjective.

Go Noisy is not simply going “noisy” on the range or being vocally “loud” in life; it is the act of quietly, doing the right thing, regardless of the consequences to yourself.

It is about standing up for someone or something, even if you are the only person standing up for it.

It is about believing in something, even if you are the only one who believes in it.

It is about protecting yourself, your family, your country, or a complete stranger, in the street, from harm, regardless of the consequences.

We are a community of likeminded people who share the same passion and commitment to firearms training, veterans, patriotism, the military, law enforcement, first responders and freedom.

Go Noisy are committed to operating with integrity and to the highest ethical standards. Our reputation and the trust and confidence of those with whom we deal, is vital to realising our vision to make Go Noisy a respected and successful organisation. We will not tolerate any behaviour or practice that compromises our principles of:


At Go Noisy we believe that we should have moral obligations as well as business ones. We are committed, as an organisation, to treating others with fairness, honesty and integrity, abiding by our word at all times. 

Customer Focus

We are committed to delivering excellent training, which we view as crucial to our business development and survival. We don’t just want you to be merely satisfied with our training; we want you to be completely blown away by our training concepts so that you know you are receiving the best tactical firearms training, possible.

Commitment & Reliability

We are completely committed to every aspect of our training programmes; trying to find the best solution for you, no matter the challenges. We are committed to raising the standards within the firearms industry by offering realistic, immersive firearms and tactical response “options” to kinetically challenging situations. We are a dependable organisation, striving to deliver the best training experience and best value for money, as we possibly can.


We continuously carry out After Action Reviews (AAR’s) after each and every training course, in order to ensure that the training was delivered in the best way possible. We believe strongly in having a flexible approach to training, which allows us to change training course content, in order to keep up to date with current operational practicalities. We take pride in our work, and we take seriously, the trust and confidence that you place on us to deliver your training requirement needs.


All our instructors come from specialised military, intelligence or law enforcement backgrounds. All our instructors are extremely experienced in their chosen fields in order to ensure that not only are they qualified to instruct in that subject, but they also have the experience and knowledge of that particular subject.

We undertake to:
  • Act with integrity and adhere to the highest standards of training ethics.
  • Deliver the highest standard of training to you and maintain your confidentiality
  • Comply with the laws and regulations of the countries within which we operate
  • Contract only with established legal entities and in accordance with relevant national and international law
  • Comply with international and local human rights laws and applicable provisions of international humanitarian law
  • Operate with full respect for the values, culture and religions of trainees
  • Not condone discrimination, or harassment of people for any reason
  • Not permit its personnel to commit any act which might prejudice the security and stability of a host state or impact adversely on the local environment.

We hope that you enjoy your training with us, and we hope that you leave Go Noisy, better trained, more confident in your own ability and better motivated to put the pride back into your profession.

“…if you want something you’ve never had…you must be willing to do something you’ve never done…”  – Thomas Jefferson



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